At least symphonic in nature. Larger ensembles with rich strings, organic choirs, dulcet winds, and powerful brass have an inherent effect of majesty, grandeur, or even romance. This first section demonstrates varying combinations of each.



This section features smaller ensembles, with pieces more suited to light-hearted or adventurous moods. Most of these tracks have been looped at least twice to demonstrate how they could repeat in a game environment.



The expressiveness and tonal color of electronic instruments are never-ending. Here are some tracks that feature synths, some alongside acoustic instruments as well.



The unassuming piano, on its own or with company, has the ability to underscore the subtle, or emphasize the extreme. I’ve been playing piano since I could walk, so keeping in touch with my musical roots has always been important to me creatively.


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josh crowe - composer

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My musical life

From the delicate sound of a felted piano, to the roar of a full orchestra, to the unrestricted capabilities of synthesizers, I believe any or all of it can be tamed to evoke any emotion and enhance any mood.

My name is Josh Crowe, and I’ve been playing music ever since I was about 3-years-old. I’ve been composing my own original music for the last 15 years, for live performance as well as digital media. Recently I have turned my attention to world of interactive video game scoring and audio design.

Through the modern techniques of horizontal resequencing and vertical layering, I wish to create an organic and dynamic experience for the player, helping them to create memories of gameplay that will last for decades of their lives in the same way that video games have impacted my own life.

I have a classical training in Composition and Theory from Birmingham-Southern College (class of 2011), and am currently enrolled in Berklee’s online professional certificate in Orchestration for Film, TV, and Games, with an emphasis on interactive scoring and sound design for video games utilizing middleware such as Wwise and FMOD.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the sampling of my works on this page. If you would like to discuss my work and creative process, to see if there is a potential fit for my music in your project, please reach out to me via the above form.